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BOY HARSHER x MØFFENZEEF 'The Runner' Synthesizer

$455.00 / Sold Out

'The Runner' Synthesizer

Boy Harsher and Moffenzeef have teamed up for a limited edition synthesizer: THE RUNNER. We worked together to bring you a compact and feature rich drone synth that can cover the entire spectrum of evil drones. From sweet, mellow, chorus-rich, detuned washes to walls of brutal harsh noise, THE RUNNER will be sure to take you to the drone zone with little effort. We worked hard to give you a catered selection of macro controls; rather than cramming as many parameters onto the interface as possible, we carefully selected the most desirable controls for drone synthesis. Any position the knobs are in will deliver a pleasing result that will evolve and morph over time. This instrument hopefully eliminates the need for complicated setups or a deep knowledge of synthesis theory. Drone on and on till the break of dawn.

Every synth will be signed by Jae and Gus. Every order will receive a digital download code of ’The Runner (Original Soundtrack)’, out January 21st, 2022.


NOTE: The synth will ship from Massachusetts, US. It’s not possibile to combine orders or add other items to your order. If you want to buy more than one synthesizer, please get in touch. Unfortunately, at the moment, we can only ship the synth to the following countries: United States Of America, Canada.
If you leave outside North America, please get in touch.