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All orders are shipped via airmail and don’t include tracking numbers. If you want one, you need to purchase it here. Standard airmail is totally at your own risk. A package without a tracking number will not be refunded.

COVID-19: SHIPPING RESTRICTIONS (Update: May 7th, 2020):
We can once again start shipping to the following countries: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Russia, Turkey, Uruguay, Vietnam

NOTE: We strongly recommend to add a tracking number to your order, in case new restrictions are added.

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COVID-19: SHIPPING RESTRICTIONS (Update: April 1st, 2020):
Our mail-order is open. You can still place an order and we will continue to send out (pre) orders, but each shipment will probably experience delays and limitations due to international regulations / economic restrictions. Our warehouse is located in Berlin, Germany and for the moment most of the non-EU orders have been blocked.
If you (pre) ordered something in the last couple of weeks, your package is definitely on the way, it has already left our warehouse. But, we cannot really predict when you will receive it.

If you purchased a tracking number and you haven't received it yet, it's because your package is still at the Berlin post office. It will be sent to you as soon the restriction is lifted.

If you have a question re. your order, feel free to get in touch with us: info@nudeclubrecords.com

Thanks for your understanding, patience and support.
Be kind, stay safe, keep healthy // J+G