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BOY HARSHER x MØFFENZEEF 'The Runner v2.0' Synthesizer (2023)


BOY HARSHER x MØFFENZEEF 'The Runner v2.0' Synthesizer

Boy Harsher and Møffenzeef have teamed up again, this time for an upgraded version of the ‘The Runner’ synthesizer (originally released in 2021 and quickly sold out).

‘The Runner v2.0’, has been dolled up in an all new red suit.

- MIDI Mayhem:
‘The Runner v2.0’ has full MIDI CC implementation to allow for total control over the interface as well as a slew of additional hidden features. ‘The Runner v2.0’ allows for the pitch to be controlled externally via MIDI.

- MaxForLive:
‘The Runner v2.0’ comes with a free MaxForLive plugin to allow for seamless integration into Ableton Live. The plugin greatly simplifies CC integration and is controllable by Ableton's Automation, MIDI mapping, and preset saving capabilities.

-Drone Dreams:
‘The Runner v2.0’ has evolved, but we haven't lost sight of our original mission: drone on to the break of dawn.

- Two Synths for the Price of One:
‘The Runner v2.0’ has a button that allows you to switch into 'Knucklebuster' mode (a previously released limited edition harsh noise experimental synthesizer).

- Every synth will be signed by Jae and Gus. Leave a note in your order if you want a personal message scrawled onto the bottom.

- The synth will ship from the US. We can only ship the synth to the United States Of America and Canada.

- It’s not possible to combine orders or add other items to the synthesizer. If you want to purchase two or more synthesizers, please place a separate order for every synth.